Pink mattress - Boulevard Anspach

1000 Brussel


1 Guest

1 Bed

1 Blanket

per night
€23 x 1 night(s)

No cleaning

No service, no fee


You won’t be charged yet

About this listing

A surprising bunk at Boulevard Anspach, right in the bustling centre of Brussels. Which doesn’t mean you have to talk to people all day. If you’re lucky, you’ll get some small change thrown into your lap while you relax on your decrepit pink mattress. Smoking is authorised. Add your cigarette butts conveniently to the others surrounding your makeshift bed.

The space

Guest: 1
Bed: 1
Blanket: 1
Type: Threshold


Always cold
Bad smells
Begging authorized
Early morning rush
No hygiene
No warm welcome
Public toilets
Public WiFi
Trash cans around

3 Reviews


This place is simply unbearable. No one should live in such circumstances.


Unbelievable! I hope I won’t have to experience this situation again. Unfortunately, too many people are forced into such circumstances.


Horrible, miserable, depressing, hopeless, extremely sad, despairing ... I think you get the point?