A charming stay at the Boulevard Anspach

1000 Brussel


1 Guest

0 Beds

1 Blanket

per night
€17 x 1 night(s)

No cleaning

No service, no fee


You won’t be charged yet

About this listing

Just put your belongings on the sidewalk and take a seat without any formality. Enjoy the tantalising smells of the restaurant next door. The other door is your stay for the night, by the way. Nice touch: the terrace lights act as a cosy bed lamp.

The space

Guest: 1
Beds: 0
Blanket: 1
Type: Threshold


Always cold
Bad smells
Begging authorized
Generous bypassers
No privacy
No warm welcome
Public WiFi
Surveillance cameras

3 Reviews


No one would want to sleep here… Brrr! I cannot believe so many people are forced to.


Wow, I thought Belgian were generous people. It seems kindness has to be found somewhere else.


Substandard is an understatement. The infrastructure issue has clearly to be addressed. In fact, there is simply no infrastructure. It's heartbreaking...