What is Notfairbnb?

You won’t find any luxury lofts, fancy apartments or stunning houses on Notfairbnb. But you’ll get a glimpse of the stone cold reality in which homeless people have to survive. Every night. Please don’t turn your back on them. You can help them by virtually booking one of their pitiful resting places. Your donation will help to get the more than 5000 Brussels’ homeless through the winter. Fair enough, don’t you think?

Who is behind Notfairbnb?

Notfairbnb is an initiative of ‘Solidarité Grands Froids’ (‘Big Cold Solidarity’), an NGO that aims to improve the daily life of Brussels’ homeless. Thanks to donations and fundraisers we can give them material support (clothes, sanitary necessities, …), while Samusocial commits itself to their social and psychological assistance. They are working on structural solutions to give people living on the street a place they can call home.



Active volunteers

50 +

Homeless people helped

5.000 +

Supply of

7 Samusocial centres


E-mail :

Phone :
+32(0)2 789 39 13
+32(0)476 525 926

Would you like to donate?
IBAN number of the association: BE82 6511 5585 6168

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